A Quinceañera Party


Free Set Up Prior to Event Start Time• Online Song Customizing• DJ for All Entertainment Needs• MC for All Necessary Announcements• Professional Sound System for up to 300 guests• Wireless handheld microphone for announcements, etc. (4 hour package)

Up to 4 hrs. $600.00. 

Up to 4 hrs. Monday - Thursday $500.00.

If additional audio equipment is needed to be setup in a second location an additional charge will be $125.00. Pricing includes: party light package




Intelligent lighting  $200.00 for (up to 2 lights)

Uplighting $125 for 5 lights ($20 per additional light)

Dancer(s) $100 per dancer (up to 2 dancers per event, up to 2 hours)

Party favors

Bubble Machines $30.00 (2 for $50.00)

Medium Fog Machine $40.00 (2 for $60.00)




This coming-of-age celebration is for teenage girls of Spanish decent who are turning fifteen years-old. The quinceañera court is comprised of young girls and boys, called chambelanes and damas. Though numbers vary, the court is traditionally fourteen people, with the birthday girl rounding it out to fifteen.




While this culturally rich event once signified that a young woman was eligible to marry, it now means she's ready to date.

The celebration traditionally begins with a religious ceremony, followed by a festive reception. The party includes lavish food, merry music, and lots of dancing. The entertainment is provided by a mariachi band, as well as a choreographed waltz performed by the birthday girl and her quinceañera court.




Popular in countries with large Latino populations, quinceañera celebrations are common in Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, United States, and the Dominican Republic. The ceremony takes place in a church, while the following celebration is held at a banquet hall. Elaborate decorations, often created by a party planner, and lots of fancy food, typically provided by a caterer, set the scene for the party.




The Quinceañera wears a glamorous belle-of-the-ball gown and her court dons gowns and tuxedos. Flat sandals are worn for the beginning of the event, then when it comes time for the "Changing of the Shoes" ceremony, the father trades his daughter's flat shoes for high heels. Young attendants, especially the birthday girl, stick with a palette of white or pale pastels elaborately decorated with colorful beading and sequins.

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